Modi sells India as ‘cash cow’ to isolate Pakistan

Rehmat's World

Last month, taking a cue from Saudi ‘royals’ Indian prime ministerNarendra Modi tried to sell India to US president Donald Trump as cash cow in order to isolate Pakistan.

Modi went to United States with three main objectives; 1) convince Trump to list Pakistan as a terror-sponsoring state like Iran, 2) keepUS-NATO forces in Afghanistan, 3) buy arms from US to bully both Pakistan and its regional ally China.

Trump likes countries which can invest billions of dollars in America to boost country’s shrinking economy. Trouble is, India doesn’t have surplus capital like Saudi ‘royals’ to invest in America. Nearly 55% of India’s 1.2 billion citizens live below poverty line.

Modi did offer to buy 205 civil aircrafts from Boeing worth US$20 billion (as compared to Saudi US$110 billion arms deal) and to negotiate a long term deal to import LNG from United State worth…

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