Russia / Strategy Media Update – 4 July 2017

To Inform is to Influence

Anonymous expert compilation, analysis, and reporting.

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POTUS to meet with Putin at G20 in two days, while promoting the export of US LNG to European markets, a stake through the heart of Russia’s economy, and crippling Russia’s remaining tool for the subversion and corruption of European politics, i.e. Russian gas money. While Russian propagandists are upbeat about the meeting, analysts are the opposite. Russian nationalists urge a crackdown on Muslim immigration, and measures to segregate Muslim and Christian populations across Russia, which if adopted will accelerate the nascent fragmentation process. Russia’s demographic decline further exacerbated by cyclic pattern since WW2. Analysts state Russia’s recovery from current economic crash will be very slow due to oil bubble and competition for gas exports. Belarus holds major military parade (see video).

Germany, Ukraine, and Kaspersky dominate IW/IO/Cyber in the MSM.

While Donbass fires continue, Ukraine is hosting a Congressional delegation, and…

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