Miko Peled: European politicians in bed with Israel

Rehmat's World

Israel-US author and human rights activistMiko Peled (listen to him below) is son of Israel’s 1967 war-hero Gen. Matti Peled (died 1995), first military governor of Israeli occupied Gaza Strip, and brother of Professor Nurit Peled-ElhananGen. Matti was considered a traitor by ex-leaders of Jewish terrorist group Irgun and Lehi, PM Menachem Begin and later PM Yitzak Shamir over calling for peace with PLO. He along with Yaakov Arnon and Uri Avnery met PLO chairman Yasser Arafat in Tunis in late 1980s.

MK Yael Dayan, daughter of one eye-patched Israeli war criminal Gen. Moshe Dayan, became the first female lawmaker to meet Yasser Arafat in Tunis in late January 1993. On her return she became a victim of Jewish vengeance by the entity’s prime minister Yitzhak Rabin, the Israeli public, and her own Labor party.

Miko Peled in his latest article, entitled, A line I hear in every…

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