MACRON BACKLASH: French leader savaged for acting like Versailles ROYALTY with new plan


Louis XIV of France in the costume of the Sun King in the ballet ‘La Nuit’, 1653 by French School, (17th century); Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris.

EMMANUEL Macron has been accused of acting like royalty as the French president unveiled plans for his five-year term at a lavish ceremony in the opulent palace of Versailles.”

Blair MK 2. Not to be trusted.

He doesn’t make the French public look very intelligent, the fact they voted for him.

GW: Non – les Français ont été privés de leurs droits!

A very stupid little man trying to wear a big mans pants.

”Looks like France has gone and elected themselves another little Napoleon, a “socialist” who wants grandeur and to be treated as almost royalty? The French Tony Bliar and Merkel’s lapdog and a future of mass immigration into an already failing economy… revoir votre foutu France”


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