Global Justice Now

Hi Dave,

The youth vote counts. And it’s been proven. In the recent general election the turn out  global warming GIFfor young people rocketed, defying accusations of not caring. They showed that they want an alternative – a more just and equal future.

Similarly, in the EU referendum twice as many young people voted as was expected, with 75% voting to remain. It’s these young people who will feel the loss of their EU citizenship the most. And it’s these young people who will be taking on other serious challenges too, from climate change to corporate power.

We believe it is vital young activists forge links with those across Europe. So we’ll be helping to fund young people from around the UK to go to Toulouse, France, for a summer university on global justice hosted by the international network ATTAC*.

We have 16 enthusiastic activists wanting to go, but we need your help to make sure everyone has the chance by raising £2,000.

Can you donate £2 to help us take young activists to Toulouse to link up with those in Europe?

We might be leaving the EU, but we won’t be severing our ties with fellow activists. Now more than ever, we must keep these important links and work together to bring about a more just world. As Jelly Cleaver, from our youth network says,

“The more we collaborate, the more we learn from other people, the better we’ll be to create the change we want to see.”

Global justice needs global links. It’s thanks to our links with campaigners in Europe that we have had great campaign successes, including stopping the toxic US-EU trade deal TTIP‡.

Donate today to help pay for our young activists’ train fares.

The event will bring together over 1000 activists from a rich variety of social movements. Young activists will have the opportunity to join others in addressing a broad range of social justice issues and working towards positive alternatives.

 global citizen festival GIFWith a donation today you can help pay for our young activists’ accommodation.   As well as helping create vital links with activists across Europe, you will be helping to grow and strengthen our new youth network by bringing young activists together. By hearing from European movements, the trip will also provide inspiration for their future actions.

You can help forge a new generation to take our campaigns forward.

Best wishes,
Ed Lewis, Global Justice Now national organiser

*ATTAC is a global network which fights for democratic, ecological and just alternatives to corporate power. Global Justice Now is the ATTAC group in the UK.
‡ TTIP stands for Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

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We used to be the World Development Movement. Find out more.


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