We have met the enemy and he is Trump


Dear The Donnie:

Indeed, there is a vile, daily attack upon not only western civilization, but democracy. For once you have spoken a truth, even if you had to go to Poland to do it.

It is you! And it is your political party, the Grand Old Party.

You should be IMPEACHED! NOW!

Donnie, you are a traitor to your nation. In any other civilized country, you’d have already been fired for all the things you’ve said, maybe tried and convicted of treason, too. If you aren’t insane, you certainly act so. You are an ignorant, vulgar, vile human being, incapable of common sense or decency.

During your election campaign and since occupying the Oval Office, you’ve found not one single, positive thing to say about this country. You don’t deserve to live here. You have embraced virtually every single disgusting, authoritative dictatorial head of state you’ve ever met and even those you haven’t…

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