Iran: President’s younger brother detained over corruption

Rehmat's World

US Secretary of State John Kerry [L] speaks with Hossein Fereydoun [C], the brother of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, and Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif [R], before the Secretary and Foreign Minister addressed an international press corps gathered at the Austria Center in Vienna, Austria, on July 14, 2015 [State Department photo/ Public Domain]

On July 16, Iranian media reported that Hossein Fereydoun, brother and adviser to Iranian president Sheikh Hassan Rouhani was detained over allegedly corruption charges. But since he couldn’t come up with the bail money, he was sent to jail.

Rex Tillerson, the anti-Iran secretary of state immediately called upon Iran to release any US citizens or other foreigners being held on fabricated charges.

That reminds me the saga of thethree innocent US Jews who were arrested by Iranian authorities on July 31, 2009 over spying for CIA and Mossad. They’re sentenced in a court of law. However, after serving only 10% of their sentences – then president Ahmadinejad ordered their release on health reasons – a huge mistake.

For me, it was a non-significant news item to waste my time as former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was the most demonized by the Zionists and the Iranian supporters of Rouhani, the so-called

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