Matan Gutman: Appointment and Removal of Senior Executive Officials in Israel

Administrative Law in the Common Law World

In 1992, Mr. Aryeh Deri, the Interior Minister of Israel, was indicted on corruption charges. The Basic Law of Israel, which is the equivalent to the Israeli Constitution, states as follow:

should a minister be convicted by a court, it shall state in its verdict whether the offense involves moral turpitude; should the court so state, the minister’s tenure shall cease on the date of such verdict.

During the trial, Minister Deri enjoys a presumption of innocence. Therefore, despite the serious indictment which involves moral turpitude, before conviction t  Nevertheless, a petition was submitted to the Supreme Court by , whose goal is to fight against government corruption in Israel (the Movement for Quality Government in Israel) – demanding that the Prime Minister dismiss Minister Deri following the indictment. The Court in Movement for Quality in Government in Israel v State of Israel HCJ 2094/93 IsrSC 47(5) 404 (1993) ruled…

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