China’s Shared Bikes as one of the ‘Four New Inventions’ in foreigners’ eyes

China Daily Mail

About 400,000 shared bikes in Guangzhou (photo from Life of Guangzhou)

High-speed rails, Alipay, shared bikes and online shopping are China’s new four great ‘inventions’, said a number of foreign youngsters in China, mostly students from the Third World countries, when responding to a survey by the Silk Road Research Institute of Beijing Foreign Studies University.

Perhaps, commercially or scientifically speaking, these items are not ‘invented’ by China. However, the global scale of spreading by China is really impressive, especially Mobike’s stationless bicycle-sharing system.

China’s Mobike combines the technologies of GPS, smartphone applications, AliPay and others to make renting and sharing bikes extremely easy. Having proved its success, Mobike has expanded the business operations to Singapore, Manchester, Flerence and Milan. London will have it in September.

To me, bike is not an ordinary consumer product. I am a big fan of cycling not because it is a sport, but…

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