Iran Says U.S. Is Sabotaging 2015 Nuclear Deal

Peace and Freedom

Iran has complained that new US sanctions against it are an effort to sabotage its 2015 nuclear deal with world powers. Tehran said it would not be drawn into a trap, but warned it would respond in a “smart” way.

Inauguration of President Rouhani

Iran on Thursday claimed the latest US sanctions against the country go against the spirit of the 2015 nuclear agreement. US President Donald Trump signed the measures into law on Wednesday, which target Iran’s missile program and human rights violations, neither of which were covered by the deal.

“We believe that the nuclear deal has been violated and we will react appropriately,” Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi told state television. “We will certainly not fall into the trap of US policy and Trump, and our reaction will be very carefully considered.”

“We will not react with countermeasures, instead we will refuse to be drawn into this game and proceed with a level…

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