Choke On Coffee Warning: Stalinist repression of the 1930s. Are you sure that they are Stalin’s?

To Inform is to Influence

This morning, my favorite Russian Foreign Ministry official posted a link to the following story.

The first real problem is when the concept of democracy is introduced right after Stalin pushed secret election of middle and senior officials into the system, absolutely negating what democracy is supposed to accomplish. 

From February 4, 1989, in the New York Times, but this article excuses all that.

Bottom line, this is yet another attempt by Russia to revise history, to make Stalin more tolerable, and basically to lie to Russians about how great a guy he was…  At least 20 million Russians later, yeah, he’s a fine fellow – not.

</end editorial>

It is a translation from Chrome, if you have a better translation, please send it.

Stalinist repression of the…

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