Pentagon Asks White House to Give Lethal Weapons to Ukraine

To Inform is to Influence

It’s official, the Pentagon put a paper on President Trump’s desk asking for lethal aid to be given to Ukraine. 

This is not an escalation, these are defensive weapons. Russia, however, will claim they are an escalation of tensions and a provocation and has already promised to respond. 

Russia is already poised to invade Ukraine, with somewhere around 150,000 troops. 100,000 more troops are being sent to Belarus for an exercise. This means Russia will be overstretched with absolutely no room for a contingency. Contingencies include an uprising, massive demonstrations, a coup, an invasion by a third party, or another asymmetric action. Russia is going to leave itself wide open, all in an effort to show strength, when it actually does not have sufficient resources, in all actuality. Russia’s economy precludes Russia having any real strength for a long term invasion, other than passively ‘invading’ and occupying Belarus. A full…

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