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To Inform is to Influence

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Whitmore nails a ground truth, which appeasers in the West wilfully ignore. Russia threatens to bail from arms control treaties, another no win game given economic disparities. Fried has a point, although his optimism may be misplaced. Russia attacks VP Pence accusing him of “Cold War mentality” and defamation – were the US truly imbued with “Cold War mentality” Russia would have been crushed like the proverbial bug already. Ukraine’s NSDC Chair Turchenov’s comparisons of Russia and the DPRK are on target, moreso given the extent the Kim regime has been lionised in Moscow propaganda. Bodner surveys Russian analyst opinions on Russian options to respond to US arms supply to Ukraine. Kofman and Dougherty demonstrate a poor grasp of what is happening in Ukraine and Russia, and would have done better saying nothing. Russian debate develops over the…

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