How Russians Fight And How A Javelin Missile Changes Everything

To Inform is to Influence

I have had many discussions with Russians about arming Ukraine with lethal weapons. Most of these discussions have been with Russians trolls in various forums, usually within comment sections for news sites, LiveLeak, Facebook, and LinkedIn. I have repeatedly suggested that Ukraine will hopefully be armed with Javelin FGM-148 Anti-Tank Missiles.

Javelin striking distant target

Most of the time their response has been “Why? Ukraine already has tons of RPGs”.  Russian trolls don’t seem to understand the huge difference between RPGs and Javelins.

As for the Russian leadership, they’ve already started saying ‘we’re going to adjust our strategy accordingly’.  The Russians will probably just increase the numbers being thrown at the Ukrainians and accept the losses. If I was still an intel bubba, I’d predict an increase in their manning by 10 – 20%.  There is no need to shift their main effort or to adjust lanes. They will just push aside the burning…

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