From Arsal … To Idlib

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The Lebanese people were not the only ones following the battle for the Arsal outskirts in all its details until the appearance of buses, which transported the Nusra terrorists and their families to Idlib.

Hezbollah launcher

Supporters, opponents, skeptics and people who were wondering about the background, the different dimensions, timing, the declared and undeclared goals, were also watching. These goals are yet to be achieved and may never be accomplished if they continue to be linked with the contradictory political structure. There is a group of people that reacted quietly and without public objections. They are represented by the diplomatic missions operating in Lebanon, which have acted in accordance with developments on the [Arsal] outskirts in all political, official and even partisan directions, and are still doing so in response to what is happening.

It is noteworthy that the Western diplomatic missions in particular, in principle, positively view theā€¦

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