Russia / Strategy Media Update – 6 August 2017

To Inform is to Influence

Anonymous expert compilation, analysis, and reporting.

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Lethal aid to Ukraine continues to be debated. WashPost lambasts Administration for insufficient effort to counter Russian propaganda, and they have a point. Multiple very interesting essays collected on the impact of the “New Axis of Evil” sanctions bill, from Ukrainian and Russian authors. Saakashvili fingers Russia for the Smolensk crash that killed the Polish leadership. Most interesting is possibly Novaya gazeta’s Mursaliyeva interviewing psychologist Asmolov on the impact of MH17 in Russia, cite: “The academician said that the shooting down of the Boeing jet divided the world. Before then, people in the West could talk about Russian barbarism and Russians could respond; but after that event, people in the West took what they saw as an act of barbarity personally and began to treat Russians as “untouchables.” Because ordinary people in the West came to that conclusion, their…

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