Cambodian Court Upholds Prison Term for Land Rights Activist — The government granted a land concession to a Cambodian tycoon and a Chinese company

Peace and Freedom

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia — A Cambodian court on Tuesday upheld a 2½-year prison term against a prominent land rights activist accused of inciting violence at a protest she helped lead outside of Prime Minister Hun Sen’s residence, as dozens of her supporters outside conducted a “cursing ceremony” against national leaders and judges.

Tep Vanny was convicted in late February of aggravated intentional violence from the March 2013 protest, in which several government security personnel were hurt. The Appeal Court on Tuesday concluded that the trial followed legal procedures.

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Tep Vanny

Wearing an orange prison uniform, Tep Vanny condemned the decision as an “injustice.”

“I became victimized because my land was grabbed, and now I have been put in prison,” she shouted outside court before security guards pushed her into a van.

Tep Vanny is known for demonstrating against evictions from…

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