Rouhani warns Trump he ‘risks his political life’ over Iran nuclear deal

Peace and Freedom

More than 100 officials from around the world attend the Iranian President’s inauguration, with Mr Rouhani claiming it as a strong show of support for building ties

By Kim Sengupta Tehran

The Independent 

rouhani-inauguration.jpgIran’s President Hasan Rouhani delivers a speech after his swearing-in ceremony AP

It was always going to be a state ceremony of grandeur and pomp, but the current turbulence in Middle East politics ensured that Hassan Rouhani’s inauguration as President of Iran became an occasion of significant resonance.

Iran, its adversaries Saudi Arabia and the Donald Trumpadministration have demanded, should once again be shunned as a pariah state. The US has imposed tough new sanctions and President Trump is threatening to pull the plug on the nuclear deal between the country and international powers which has been achieved through years of painstaking negotiations. Hawks in his team have talked about instigating regime change in Tehran.

In the event representatives…

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