Russia / Strategy Media Update – 8 August 2017

To Inform is to Influence

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Debate over arming Ukraine continues, a good summary of issues by Niland, while Kupchan earns today’s COCW Award for desperately clinging to Rice-era NSC policy of putting strategy and outcomes last. Davis tweets on Russian domestic debate on the matter: “Main themes in #Russia’s potential retaliation to U.S. arming #Ukraine would be OPENLY arming proxies and rejecting #Minsk outright.” – they have been brazenly arming their proxies and ignoring Minsk, so what would change? Russia admits to arming and staffing proxy force and admits to ignoring Minsk? German politicians embarrassed? Saakashvili in Poland and Baltic states, lambasting Russia (and Ukraine).

Sanctions debate abating, while Russia gears up for new reality. Putin visits Abkhazia to spite the Georgians. RT report on Russian children eating Lenin cake, almost a tie for the COCW Award (or puke award?). Dugin finds a kindred soul in…

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