Russia / Strategy Media Update – 9 August 2017

To Inform is to Influence

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Good essay by Michel on lethal aid, while Larison regurgitates a bundle of Russian / Rice arguments for throwing Ukraine to the Bear. Remouchamps restates arguments put for many months by Karber and others in the US, which is good, not so good is his failure to acknowledge US argument on the matter – “Under European noses, …”  would have been a more accurate title. Dickinson essay is excellent and long overdue – the denial is not just Putin’s, but much of Russia’s, clinging to delusional stereotypes of Ukraine – the Russian invasion force was greeted with AK-74s, 152mm arty and T-64Bs, instead of the expected flowers. Fascinating 1995 interview with assassinated Chechen President Dudayev, formerly a Soviet strategic bomber pilot and later two-star general, discussing early 1990s Russian planning to overrun Crimea, the Baltic states, and parts of Central…

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