Baron Desai: China may attack India in September 2017

Rehmat's World

" This will encourage Narendra Modi to go on and do more reform because the message is whatever the political opposition parties say, they do not reflect what the public thinks."   On Saturday, Gujarat-born Meghnad Desai, Labour Party member of the British House of Lords predicted that China may attack India if the later did not withdraw its army from the Bhutan-Sikim stand-off.

Even today, nobody is contemplating that the whole Doklam thing could break anytime. We could be in a full scale war with China within a month. At that stage it will not be controllable. It may come as a surprise, but that is when the defence co-operation of India with its allies will bear fruit,” Desai told India’s IANS news agency in an interview.

I am not a jyotisi (astrologer). I cannot say what day or date but I think at this time it is very likely that we will be in a state of full-scale war with China very soon. And mind you, on several fronts, not just Doklam. It is just…

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