Goodbye, MiG: Boeing, General Dynamics Debut Anti-Aircraft Stryker

To Inform is to Influence

The anti-aircraft MSL Stryker on display in Huntsville.

on August 09, 2017 

HUNTSVILLE, ALA.: If you fly Russian MiG fighters, Sukhoi attack jets, or Hind helicopters, your life just got a little harder — and in the event of war, potentially much shorter. At the Space & Missile Defense conference here, General Dynamics rolled out the latest variant of their eight-wheel-drive Stryker armored vehicle, with the troop compartment that’s normally in the back replaced with a Boeing-built anti-aircraft turret. Scroll down for our photos of the vehicle, dubbed the Maneuver SHORAD (Short-Range Air Defense) Launcher, or MSL Stryker.

Evolved from the Cold War era Avenger, which mounted Stinger missiles on Humvee, the new turret can mount a wider array of more powerful weapons:

  • AI-3s, a ground-launched version of the AIM-9 missiles used by US fighters, with significantly better range and maximum…

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