Understanding Russian Propaganda

To Inform is to Influence

Today Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard points out that Russian propagandists have fallen in against National Security Adviser H. R. McMaster.  McMaster is currently the subject of a lot of criticism from the American right for clearing his Obama-era predecessor, Susan Rice, famous for her Benghazi distortions and for her role in the unmasking scandals.

Is it the case that Russia favors the replacement of McMaster with someone else?  Possibly, given that McMaster is an experienced general whose prowess in the campaign against Al Qaeda in Iraq in the city of Tal Afar is widely regarded. But probably not, given that McMaster has so far recommended policies that Russia broadly favors – especially the continuation of the Iran Deal, which Russia supported and which undergirds their functional alliance with Iran.  McMaster also seems to support staying the course in Afghanistan, which is very much in Russia’s interests for…

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