UK: Still Welcoming Jihadis


pennine:Unbelievable!!! Words just fail me. Despite the terrorism and the child sexual  grooming gangs that have plagued our once relatively safe-to-live-in country, the people in charge in government are so impotent to do anything. Well that’s not good enough, successive governments have brought this danger to our land and put all British people’s lives at grave risk. Enough is Really More Than Enough. We’ve had three terrorists attacks within months this year, and even more revelations coming to light  of the  racist child-sex grooming gangs, is  never ending. These people see us as inferior, beneath them, just “white trash” while many of them are happy to take our money via benefits. We’ve welcomed many people  to the UK and i enjoy meeting various people, Jewish people, Hindus, Sikhs, Rastafarian & other faiths & philosophies all rub along together fine. Not all Muslim people are the same as these radical…

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