Baghdad Ten Years Ago – 12 Aug 07

To Inform is to Influence

WEEK 39: Gasp!  Shock!  Awe?  Say it isn’t so Joe!  We must be winning the information war against Al Qaeda.


“Its kind of like where you guys are in this war… you’ve been here a long time, you’ve been fighting… but you’ve got to look at what you are doing to your opponent… keep the fight on.” 

– Justin McCully, Ultimate Fighter during a recent USO visit

I have to admit I found Mr. McCully’s pep talk to the troops mighty inspiring.  His comparison to him wanting to give the proverbial “No Mas” in a recent fight to the debate over the United States leaving Iraq is pretty accurate.  We, the Army especially, are a bit tired.  Some of us are frustrated more times than not.  We realize our transition with our successors occurs in only four months.  By the Iraq timeline, four months is right around the corner. …

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