Syrian Army, Allies Carry out Quality Operation against ISIL in Badiya

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August 12, 2017

The Syrian army and allies managed on Friday night to carry out a quality operation by landing troops behind the lines of ISIL terrorists in Badiya, a desert that extends over some 90,000 square kilometers from central Syria to the Iraqi and Jordanian borders.

The Syrian army and allies advanced 20 kilometers in Kadeir village on Homs-Raqqa border, killing a large number of ISIL terrorists and destroying their tanks and booby-trapped vehicles.

Source: Al-Manar Website

More Details Appear About Tiger Forces Airlanding Operation Behind ISIS Lines (Video, Photos)

Few minutes ago the Syrian media released more info about the Tiger Forces landing operation behind ISIS lines in the province of Raqqah reported earlier today.

According to the report, government troops led by Tiger Forces Commander Suheil al-Hassan were transported by 4 Mi-35 attack helicopters to the eastern Raqqah countryside 21km behind the frontline and Khirbet Makman village, Al-Qadir town and Bir Rahum.

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