No Joke: U.N. Elects Saudi Arabia to Women’s Rights Commission, For 2018-2022 Term

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Global Research, April 24, 2017
UN Watch 22 April 2017

The Geneva-based human rights group UN Watch condemned the U.N.’s election of Saudi Arabia, “the world’s most misogynistic regime,” to a 2018-2022 term on its Commission on the Status of Women, the U.N. agency “exclusively dedicated to the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women.”

“Electing Saudi Arabia to protect women’s rights is like making an arsonist into the town fire chief,” said Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch. “It’s absurd.”

“Every Saudi woman,” said Neuer, “must have a male guardian who makes all critical decisions on her behalf, controlling a woman’s life from her birth until death. Saudi Arabia also bans women from driving cars.”

“I wish I could find the words to express how I feel right know. I’m ‘saudi’ and this feels like betrayal,” tweeted a self-described Saudi woman pursuing a…

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The Case Against Asma al-Assad: A Darker Motive Behind Calls for Her Citizenship to be Revoked…?

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I posted up an old video of Asma al-Assad last week, because I thought her sentiments in the recording really resonated with what has been going on in Syria and the Middle East in recent years.

I didn’t know, however, that a couple of days later the UK newspapers would feature sudden articles calling for the British-born Syrian First Lady to be punished for her marriage to Syria’s President and her contradictions of the Western narratives on the Syrian crisis.

The manner in which most of the newspapers appear to have covered this story presents an incredibly one-sided picture, some even asking whether Asma al-Assad should be considered a ‘War Criminal’. Some of this is almost comically misguided in terms of the language used; but there is a more serious, worrying aspect to this story, which I will come to at the end.

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Corbyn to halt UK airstrike in Syria if elected PM

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The leader of Britain’s main opposition Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn said on Sunday he could suspend British involvement in airstrikes against Syria if he was elected prime minister in June 8 election.

Last week, UK’s pro-Israel prime minister Theresa May called for a snap election hoping a bigger mandate to decide whether to stay or leave European Union.

Israel and Britain’s powerful Jewish Lobby have problem with Jeremy Corbyn being a possible prime minister of the country in the future. Why? Because Corbyn doesn’t belong to British Establishment. He is against UK joining Western imperialist wars. As a human rights activist, he supports groups waging resistance against occupiers of their lands. And worse he has refused to visit Israel – and doesn’t hate Muslims or Islam. He believes terrorists are found in very faith including Jews.

The Jewish Lobby run media have been waging a vicious anti-Corbyn campaign since…

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#HOMS #Syria 115 militants and some of their families leave al-Waer neighbourhood on Monday after they rejected the reconciliation agreement #AceNewsDesk – @AceNewsServices

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#AceNewsReport – Apr.24: A new batch of militants and some of their family members who reject the reconciliation agreement in al-Waer neighborhood on Monday started to leave the neighborhood in a step towards ending all the armed manifestations in it and restoring the state institutions to the neighbourhood

SANA’s reporter in Homs said that 16 buses transporting 115 militants and 475 of their family members have left al-Waer and headed to Jarablos, adding that the process of evacuating them is proceeding according to schedule.

Homs Governor Talal al-Barazi said that the evacuation process is proceeding successfully without obstacles under the supervision of Syrian internal security forces, the Russian military police, and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC).

Al-Barazi said that as of May 13th, the neighborhood should be clear of weapons and militants, and repair teams will enter it to begin maintenance work to electricity, communications, and water services.


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DAMASCUS, #Syria Terrorists target al-Baramkeh area with rocket shells on Monday SANA reported #AceNewsDesk – @AceNewsServices

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#AceNewsReport – Apr.24: Terrorists target al-Baramkeh area in Damascus with rocket shells SANA reported #AceNewsDesk

Terrorist organizations fired two rocket shells at al-Baramkeh area in Damascus, causing material damage.

A source at Damascus Police Command told SANA that terrorist groups located in the Eastern Ghouta area in Damascus Countryside fired two rocket shells which landed in al-Baramkeh area, causing material damage.

Hazem Sabbagh

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Opinion: Putin’s Russia Shouldn’t Win With Missile Cheats

Peace and Freedom

By Barry M. Blechman
USA Today
April 24, 2017

In its latest “in your face” assault on international law, Russia has developed and now deployed operationally an intermediate-range cruise missile — a weapon that the U.S. and USSR solemnly agreed to ban in the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty. The U.S. has long known that the new Russian missile, the SSC-8, was being developed and has sought to bring Russia back into compliance.  After denying for years it had been developing such a weapon, within the past few months Russia cheated even more flagrantly by deploying an operational battalion. A second battalion remains at the development site and no doubt could be fielded quickly.

This blatant violation of the INF Treaty cannot go unanswered — and not just by diplomatic complaints. Once before, Russia (née Soviet Union) violated an arms control treaty in such a blatant way, by constructing and operating a

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Mattis Says Russia Arming Afghan Taliban — “We’re going to have to confront Russia.”

Peace and Freedom

By Natalie Johnson

Top military officials confirm Moscow’s support for terrorist group in Afghanistan

US Defense Secretary James Mattis and US Army General John Nicholson, commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan

US Defense Secretary James Mattis and US Army General John Nicholson, commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan / Getty Images

April 24, 2017 2:14 pm

The Trump administration expects to confront Russia for supplying the Taliban with weapons and strategic support to undermine the American-led coalition in Afghanistan, senior military officials said Monday.

Defense Secretary James Mattis said during a news conference in Kabul that the United States will “engage with Russia diplomatically” where possible, but hinted that action to challenge Russia may be necessary.

“We’re going to have to confront Russia where what they’re doing is contrary to international law or denying the sovereignty of other countries,” Mattis said. “For example, any weapons being funneled here from a foreign country would be a violation of international law.”

Army Gen. John Nicholson, the top American commander in…

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