Expert: North Korea’s H-Bomb is ‘Super-EMP’ Weapon

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North Korea’s surprise detonation of a low-yield H-Bomb, dismissed as virtually irrelevant by some media experts, is exactly what others have been warning about: a potential Super-EMP weapons that could easily wipe out the electric grid, cars and electronics over a wide swath of the United States.

Once dismissed as Buck Rogers fantasy, concerns about electromagnetic pulse and the effect on the electric grid are being addressed in Congress due to a major concern that North Korea or Iran would explode and H-bomb like device over the U.S. It could easily be fired from a freight ship off the U.S. Coast, that claim.

Expert, Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, who served on teh former Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse Attack, told Secrets that the yield of the North Korean explosion is well within the requirements of a Super-EMP weapon.

“Neutron bombs or Enhanced Radiation…

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Abby Martin speaks the plain truth about the Zionist regime in Palestine

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August 17, 2017

Abby Martin speaks the plain truth about the Zionist regime in Palestine

Note by the Saker: interesting interview with Abby Martin, I highly recommend it.  Please try to set aside the typical Leftist clichés and language and just listen about what she experienced while visiting Palestine for the first time.  I wanted to share this video with you because Abby’s experience exactly mirrors mine.  Except that I was even more clueless than her when I set foot in Israel for the first time.  Being the loyal little Cold Warrior and Right-winger that I was, I sincerely believed that Israel was a land of heroic refugees surrounded by Arab terrorists (yeah, I was that dumb.  I was also 19 years old…).  It took me exactly one week to change my views by a full 180 degrees.  I saw everything Abby describes, or things very similar, with my own eyes.  That was true in 1982 and it remains true in 2017. …

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Lebanon army discovers US-made weapons cache left by Nusra terrorists

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This Photo purportedly shows a discovered weapons cache left behind by Takfiri Jabhat Fateh al-Sham militants in northeastern Lebanon.

This Photo purportedly shows a discovered weapons cache left behind by Takfiri Jabhat Fateh al-Sham militants in northeastern Lebanon.
Press TV – August 19, 2017

The Lebanese army has discovered a weapons cache left behind by defeated militants from the Jabhat Fateh al-Sham terror group, formerly known as al-Nusra Front, in the northeast of the country.

The Lebanese National News Agency (NNA), citing an unnamed official from Lebanon’s General Directorate of General Security, reported on Friday that a patrol of the intelligence agency had found an ammunition and missile cache in Wadi Hamid Valley east of the border town of Arsal, without providing further details.

However, Reuters quoted an unnamed security source as saying on Friday that the cache contained at least a surface-to air missile (SAM) and a number of US-made TOW anti-tank missiles as well as plenty of other types of shells and rockets.

The following photos of the…

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Mourners Attend Funeral of Pfau,’ Mother Teresa of Pakistan’

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KARACHI, Pakistan — Mourners have attended a state funeral of Ruth Pfau, a German physician and nun who earned international acclaim by devoting her life to the eradication of leprosy in Pakistan.

Known as “Pakistan’s Mother Teresa,” she died on Aug. 10 at age 87 in Karachi, the capital of southern Sindh province.

State-run Pakistan television in live broadcast showed last rituals of Pfau, which were held at a church in Karachi.

Pakistani politicians, military officials, members of civil society and hundreds of supporters of Pfau attended the service.

Leprosy remained a problem in Pakistan from the 1950s until about 1996, and Pfau played a key role in efforts to bring the disease under control.

See the New York Times report on her life:

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Gunmen Kill Local Leader of Pakistan’s Pro-Taliban Party

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PESHAWAR, Pakistan — A police officer says gunmen on a motorcycle have killed a local leader of Pakistan’s pro-Taliban Jamiat-e-Ulema Islam party in an apparent assassination in the northwest before fleeing.

Local police chief Amjad Khan says Attaullah Shah was walking home after praying at a mosque in the city of Dera Ismail Khan when the assailants opened fire early Saturday.

Image result for Attaullah Shah, Pakistan, photos

No one has claimed responsibility and Khan says police have launched a manhunt for the assailants.

The latest attack comes months after Abdul Ghafoor Haideri, deputy leader of Pakistan’s Senate, narrowly escaped death when Islamic State militants orchestrated a suicide attack in the country’s southwest, killing 28 people.

Dera Ismail Khan is located 300 kilometers (180 miles) south of the northwestern city of Peshawar.

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Keyboard Warriors: South Korea, U.S. Gear Up for War Games to Counter North Korea Threat

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SEOUL — In air conditioned bunkers and at military bases across South Korea, it is with keyboards – not tanks – that South Korean and the U.S. forces will launch military exercises on Monday, denounced by North Korea as a rehearsal for war.

The Aug. 21 to Aug. 31 exercises involve computer simulations designed to prepare for the unthinkable: war with nuclear-capable North Korea.

The wargames, details of which are a closely guarded secret, simulate military conflict with the isolated country. The U.S. describes them as “defensive in nature,” a term North Korean state media has dismissed as a “deceptive mask”.

“The drills deal with all the steps involved in a war, of course, towards victory,” said Moon Seong-mook, a retired South Korean brigadier who regularly participated in the drills until the mid-2000s.

Far from the dusty firing ranges just south of…

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